Arthur and the Gremio are already in the eighth finals of the Copa Libertadores

The Guild of Porto Alegre qualifies for the eighth finals of the Copa Libertadores The Gremio, without Arthur, wins over Monagas in Grupò A de la Libertadores With goals from Ramiro and Jailson, the champion Gremio prevailed on Tuesday by 1-2 Monagas Venezuelan,  advanced to the eighth finals of the Copa Libertadores after 5 full days in Group A and retained the lead. Ramiro opened the score at 68 minutes with a distant shot by low in which the local goalkeeper, Alain Baroja, offered a weak response despite his performance could be affected by the boats that gave the ball on his way to goal for cause of the bad state of the land. The both put justice on the board of a meeting that, at times, bored.

But the drowsiness of the shock suddenly disappeared in the closing stages, first with the own goal of the Argentine defender Walter Kannemann and then with a goal from the penalty spot transformed by Jailson, who returned, at 98 minutes, the definite advantage to the visiting team. Jailson scored a penalty on Cicero after an entry by Argentine Lucas Trejo, became a villain after being the hero of his team in the victory against Uruguayan defender Defensor by date 4 of the competition. Monagas showed his best face at the start of the game, when he sought to level the board with more enthusiasm than ideas. Product of these advances center forward Jhonder Cádiz was able to overtake the locals just after 6 minutes, but his shot with left leg went wide. Only a minute later, the all-rounder Javier García finished off with a header inside the area, without an arc direction.Bet on your favourite team with limso club soccer tips.

But the strength of the place was diluted as Gremio took hold on the court and went to control the ball, but without rushing the actions. Thus came about half an hour the clearest choice of the champion throughout the first part, with a free kick that Cícero crashed into the left post of goalkeeper Baroja, and which responded with a powerful shot from Romero that Grohe sent to serve from the corner. The complement did not change the tonic of a patient Gremio who was waiting for his moment to unleash the slate, which finally came with the attacker Ramiro's goal.

The goal of the visiting team, far from awakening the predictable Monagas, left him no longer looking for the comeback that would keep him alive for the closure of the area, but with a carambola got the transitory equality. On the sixth and final date, the already qualified Cerro Porteno and Gremio will receive Monagas and Defensor Sporting, respectively, who will fight for the third place and a place in the Copa Sudamericana. 
DATA SHEET: • Monagas:  Alain Baroja; Ismael Romero, Roberto Chacón (m.51, Dáger Palacios), Lucas Trejo, Oscar González; Carlos Suárez, Ágnel Flores, Javier García; Luis Gonzalez, Christian Flores (m.66, Yanowski Reyes) and Jhonder Cádiz. • Guild:  Marcelo Grohe; Madson (m.65, Vinicius), Geromel, Walter Kannemann, Bruno Cortez; Michel, Jailson; Cícero, Ramiro, Alisson (m.10, Maicosuel); Thonny Anderson (m.75, Thaciano). • Goals:  0-1, min.68: Ramiro. 1-1, min.91: Walter Kannemann, in own door. 1-2, min.98: Jailson, penalty. • Referee:  the Argentine Fernando Rapallini. He admonished Madson, Javier García, Christian Flores and Oscar González. • Incidents:  match of the fifth day of Group A of the Copa Libertadores played in the Monumental Stadium of Matur